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 Lo, take care, be on your guard; 

Gainst tricksters of the world…and yard!

Meet Reynard, the devious fox of medieval legend. His world is brought to life in a show inspired by itinerant folk theatre, using hand-crafted puppets and live music. Will Chaunteclere the cockerel escape the clutches of the fox? Will Ysengrin the wolf get his revenge? Will Tiecelin the crow fall for another trick? And will Reynard ever get his breakfast?

Duration 30 or 45 mins

Ages 5+

Devised by James Frost and Mark Camateras

Music by Mark Camateras

Puppets and masks by James Frost

Script by Sonia Overall, James Frost and Mark Camateras with adaptations from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale, Anon. Reynard the Fox, Aesop’s Fables. 

Theatre of the Small in collaboration with Sonia Overall

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Le Weekend Sandwich 2019-2023; Sandwich Festival 2022-2023: Stealing Thunder Festival 2019; Making Waves Festival 2019; Dover Tudor Festival 2016; Childwickbury Arts Fair 2013; Old Lookout Gallery, Broadstairs 2012; Lacock Abbey 2012; Tudor Festival, Southend-on-sea 2011-2012; Maidstone Museum 2010; Moatfield, Bushey 2010; Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury 2010; Guildhall Museum, Sheppey 2008; Glastonbury Festival 2008; Folkestone Multicultural Festival 2008; Clare Castle 2007-2008; Tudor House, Margate 2007-2011; Sandwich 1457 Festival 2007; Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre, Whitstable 2007; Tudor Fayre, Eastbury Manor 2006-2007; Medieval Mayhem Sandwich 2006; Queen’s Hunting Lodge, Epping 2006-2007; Winter Tales Festival of Stories, Sandwich 2006-2008; Penshurst Place 2005-2008; Handmade, Peterborough 2005-2006; Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks 2005; Margate Puppet Festival 2005; Sutton Puppet Festival 2005; Buxton Puppet Festival 2005-2006; Hundred Festival, Canterbury 2005; Guildhall, Sandwich 2005 & 2011; Oyster Fayre, Colchester 2005-2013; Eel Festival, Ely 2004-2008; Witham Puppet Festival 2004; Trinity Parish Room, Ely 2003; Jubilee Celebrations, Ely 2002; Wandsworth Arts Festival 2001

The Anatomy of a Story, 2007 in collaboration with storyteller Tony Cooper

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